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    In reality , used bags of teas can be very helpful instruments in life.
    It is a known conscience from the fact that tea is good for your health.  Tea has more healthy prospects that can be available within a single portion of a tea bag.
    Not confined to only  your health, but also for your complete self esteem or confidence.
    You may have a glance to these  ideas, interestingly they're gonna help you understand the extent of by which tea bags could be magical.
    1. To be frank used bags of tea as pale as they may seem, can be great help towards acne prone teenagers. Acne, which is, basically due to the secretion of excess sebum production , can be cured away with the compression of a used tea bag, green tea leftovers to be precise. Acting as a cleanser the green tea bags wipes away  excess naturally produced moisturizer (sebum ) thus giving your skin a new, fresh, smooth and clean appearance. This in essence, tend to massively  reduce the probability of acne in teenagers.
    2. Mouth Sores
    Used tea bags performed wonders miraculously by acting as an antiseptic in case of cuts, sores, abrasions or blisters in the mouth and throat. The antioxing abilities of  tea with emphasis only cannot abide with the germs from cuts and the likes. Mouth sores will moreso give you a goodbye as a result, tea bags need all the chances they can achieve to clean out that filthy mouth.
    3. Rids you of your Red eyes
    The stressing over red-eye is at the verge of being over with this method, you just have to keep patience while reading. It is no more story but a proven fact that used tea bags are essential in getting rid of the old red eye. All you need is a cold tea bag, squeezed against the eye for about 2 minutes, and zap! You will have new look of  fresh and clear eyes, Yes.
    4. Cleansing
    Used tea bags serve well as cleaning tools. Essential in scrubbing desks, mirrors, tables and other objects that have a stained appearance. You may be surprised to find out at the rate of how well these tools do the job for you. No need of the rags or sponges, tea bags leads well enough to lead your way  to get on the go!
    5. Marinades
    If you have issues with dry, tough meat while cooking, then you should consider using tea bags. Used tea bags work splendidly as marinade tools. They don't only soften the meat alone, but also enriches it with yummy aroma as well.
    6. Burns
    Used tea bags when placed directly on affected sites, will relieve burns. This works especially for the case of sunburn victims, black tea deem to be the most effective form of tea bag relief.
    7. Fight odors
    Almost everyone at times have been a victim of musty clothing or smelly shoes, while you've probably look effortlessly for a solution to this problem. Well, research no further, as tea bags are the best alternative. To freshen closets, just  hang the used tea bags in a side corner. For smelly shoes, place a used tea bag in the sole of the pairs and confiscate before wearing.
    8. Bringing trees to life
    Another more interesting fact about used tea bags is to bring new life into the world, frankly! For gardeners always on the look-out for ways to enhance the garden soil richness, there is finally a bonus point so dont be gone.
    You can use the tea bags directly with the compost soil or steep them and water the plants with the serum. Tea is known to wear off those root maggots disturbing your beautiful plants and enhance the soil.
    Everyone loves tea if you also love tea — black, green, white or herbal — you will surely love the various uses of used tea bags.

    Tea Solutions and tips!
    Before trying these tips, make sure you have a bit clue on what sort of tea you are dealing with, as you will need to invest in toxin-free tea.
    There are  basically two types of toxin-free tea to choose from : they are the organic tea and the conventional ones. Each  of the teas work differently and you will need a clue on which additives will work for or against you in your quest to  simplify life .
    Bagged Organic teas: Numi Tea,
    Rishi Tea, Organic Tazo, Choice Traditional Medicinals, Organic Yogi Teas, Eden Organic, Gargajiya tafasa Hausa tea, Organic Stash, Choice Organic Teas, Two Leaves, .
    Bagged Conventional Tea: Lipton yellow label green tea , Dala kano tea, Top tea, Tetley Black and Green Tea, Loose Organic Tea, .

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