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    Stop Android Apps From Consuming Your Data

    Ever wonder why are smart phones data plans are not economical?
    Well they are at certain times although, Not many of us opt into purchasing unlimited data plans to enjoy web browsing, video streaming, file downloading, chatting and other internet functions.
    Some Android users have been blasted with huge data .
    Whether or not you use Google play store, your phone probably contained apps that are silently consuming your data even when you’re not actually using them and this can cost you your data. You can check your data usage by going to your device’s Settings and then tap on Network - Internet - Data usage . From there, you can see the total data you’ve used up in a given time period. Once you have a clue on your data usage, there are several options for you can follow to manage your data consumption.
    >Set up alerts and limits
    If you’re worried about apps draining up all of your data without your consent or permission and ending up cutting your finances to subscribe another data bundle getting you can activate some notifications which will alert you when you’ve reached a certain usage level or set threshold in order to automatically shut down your mobile data.
    You can go to Settings - Network - Internet - Data usage - Mobile data usage - Settings. Hit Data warning to set up alerts, enter the amount of permissible data in either megabyte or gigabyte you are willing to use and which you’ll want to receive a notification then tap Set.

    The data limit feature is also found in the Mobile data usage - Settings. Turn to on the Set data limit, and then tap OK - Data limit, now enter the megabyte or gigabyte limit at which you’d like your data to be automatically disabled. Tap Set now.
    Restrict background data for specific apps you think are consuming your data.

    YOU also have another option which is to limit data consumption from individual apps.
    In some cases, you may be able to restrict mobile data consumption within the app settings provided the programmers gave room for that through the app settings. Otherwise, you will need to open the Settings and go to Network & Internet - Data usage - Mobile data usage. While there, scroll down to where you find the app you want to restrict, tap the app name and turn off Background data directly.

    Completely turn mobile data off
    As a last resort while you’re not browsing or your use doesn't not include data or if you’re able to connect to a wifi network you can disable mobile data. To do this, you have go to Settings -Network & Internet - Data usage and tap on Mobile data.

    Conclusively, delete any app if you want to make sure the app isn’t consuming your data in the background, as in for the Google play app, you may have to force stop.

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