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    Career Opportunities and Job Prospects for Anatomy Graduates in Nigeria


    Choosing the right career for yourself can be very difficult and tasking, but having a defined career direction will prepare you in getting a good job upon graduation.

    A course may be nice and clean from the word and verbals but that doesn't mean everyone in that field has to be employed at the long run. 

    You can set yourself on a path towards a fruitful, fulfilling career that can provide for you and your family.

    What is anatomy? 

    Let's look into what anatomy really means in contrary. 

    Anatomy is the study of organs and tissue structures found in humans, animals and other living organisms.
    You can take it as a pillar or branch of biology or life science dealing with the structural organization of living organisms. 

    There are many branches or call it sub disciplines in every literal discipline especially when we speak of sciences. To mention but few, human anatomy is one of the basic essential sciences of medicine.

    Anatomy and physiology courses, have intertwined lectures which in Nigeria makes them qualified in different fronts to study (respectively) the structure and function of organisms often together.

    Anatomy having been the scientific study of the structure of living organisms ranging from their body systems, organs and tissues.

     It involves the physical appearance and location of  various parts of the body, the materials from which they are made up of, their relationships and how they link with with other body parts.

    The Scope of Anatomy
    Anatomy as a discipline is subdivided into two categories,

     these are the macroscopic and microscopic anatomy.

    Macroscopic anatomy often called the gross anatomy, (this is an in-house name to particular anatomists) it depends on the examination of the body of any animal anatomically using the naked eyes otherwise the unaided eyesight. 

    Gross anatomy also hosts the superficial anatomy.

    Microscopic anatomy: this comprises the employment or use of optical instruments such as the microscope and lenses in the study of the tissues from varieties of bodily structures which is commonly referred to as as histology, and also in the study of cells (part of microbiology).

    A masterpiece of this incredible discipline you may be looking is that it's aim is to publish manuscripts that define how cells, molecules, or organs interact in the formation of a whole living structure or organism.

     This initiative tends to advance the knowledge medicine towards biological systems which are essential for the development of new methods for the treatments or control of diseases.

    Skills Required By an Anatomy Graduate
    Skills are challenges that furnishes you as a prospective employee from various disciplines, such is the case to secure your dream job in this field.

    Below are some :
    Excellent communication skills.
    Your ability to structure, organise and prioritise responsibilities.
    Your ability to make observations precisely with clarity.
    Problem solving skills.
    Ability work well under pressure and stress.
    Scientific and technical skills
    Computer skills.

    Career Opportunities 

    There are vast options for you as an anatomists ranging from working in universities or colleges as an academic or non academic staff or medical centers. 

    Your job usually teaching and Researches as to assist in training prospective scientists, physicians, dentists, nurses, pharmacists, and others from the health field.
    Mouth watering jobs may also be available in the government agencies, medical and scientific publishing firms. 

    Other employment slots comes from non governmental organisations (NGOs), private firms. 

    A  doctoral degree may qualify you for different positions such as assistant, associate, a professor or director of research in a university or medical center within or outside Nigeria.

    Other job positions for an anatomy graduate includes working as a:
    Medical Scientist
    Athletic Trainer

    Admission Requirements

    To study Anatomy in Nigeria, below are the requirements:
    5 five O'level SSCE credit passes in English, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

    In UTME or JAMB,  English Language is Compulsory. Three (3) other JAMB UTME subject combination are needed to study Anatomy under the Faculty of Medical, Pharmaceutical, Health Sciences  include;
    Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry or Physics.

    Are you interested in a career in Anatomy?
    Have this made you to change your mind?

    With the inflow of research centres to Nigeria, NGOs, government intervention and restructuring of the health systems, Anatomy is looked upon as a course that will shape the future of medicine and surgery. 

    Bottom line
    Anatomy being all that related to medicine should not be misunderstood as you have more job opportunities outside what you study than it is from the field as per Nigeria is concerned. This is contrary to the job prospects of the same course in other developed countries. 

    So if this becomes your path, get ready to further your career abroad if you still aspire medicine. 

    America and South Africa among many others are countries that accept first degrees into medicine in two, three or four years.

    It is pertinent to know that here in Nigeria, efforts have been made to ensure first degree in anatomy as one of the steps to go ahead to study MBBS and other medical courses within minimum years. Drop comments below to keep the page live.

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