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    Career Opportunities for Mathematics Graduates in Nigeria

    Career Opportunities for Mathematics Graduates in Nigeria

    Remember when  most students in your classroom or neighbourhood complain of how disgusting Mathematics can be?

    Well that was the case.
    While most students hates difficult courses, such is applicable to mathematics. 

    While some students are average in problem solving and critical thinking, others are blessed with solving every nook and crannies associated with mathematical problems, such students may aspire studying maths but wonder if this course has a future. 

    I doubt no one needs to go through the university a couple of years only to discover that there's no job for him.
    If you think mathematics is likely to be accommodated this way, you have to think the other way also. 

    The Edupedic main library may convince you the other way round if you could consider to keep on  reading some fractions of the career opportunities a mathematics graduate has andwhich are valued by employers across various job sectors

    The Career Scope of Mathematics in Nigeria

    You have to note firstly that same degrees may have different scopes with respect to countries with respect to the educational system adhered by the various States.
    Nigeria as a primary focus is littered by many graduates struggling to get accommodation into the workforce, if you can find those graduates from the so-called courses unemployed, don't be shocked when you find a mathematician being among those.
    Although, irrespective of how meagre a wage can be, mathematicians are constantly absorbed and besides, the course is shaped in such a way that when you come across a mathematical entrepreneurs, they always hammer it big campared to others.
    A mathematical politicians tend to have mind blowing policies.
    Parents with background in mathematics always calculate strategically to shape a wise future for the family.
    Choosing the right career option purely on the basis of our interest and passion you have to something. So
    figure that yourself and decide how far you want to move yourself.
    Mathematics graduates are respected for their excellence when it comes to
    quantitative and problem solving skills and which secure them wide range of
    rewarding and mind blowing positions in the public and private sectors.

    Career options of Mathematics in Nigeria

    The jobs directly related to mathematics to include:

    Acoustic consultant
    Actuary (analyst)
    Certified chartered accountant ( by the ICAN i.e Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria)
    Data analyst, scientist and entry
    Investment analyst and consultancy
    Research Analyst
    Research scientist (field-based)
    school teacher
    Software engineer
    Numerical Analyst

    Jobs where mathematics degree is indirectly  useful include:

    Civil Service fast streamer
    Financial manager
    Financial trade and investment
    Game designing
    Insurance underwriter
    Machine learning engineer
    Operational researcher
    Quantity surveyor
    Software tester

    Other options  include working in the universities
    scientific institutes
    government parastatals
    private sectors

    While advanced degrees in Mathematics also advances you to venture into research positions at universities

    It is pertinent to note that many employers accept applications from graduates irrespective of your degree subject, and you with mathematical experience may be of greater advantage, so you've got not to restrict your thinking to the jobs listed
    here and besides the no list would be complete as per mathematics is concerned.

    Skills and Competencies required in Mathematics:

    I believe some have begun developing interest in the mathematics of a course you need to now see the extent mathematic can take you.
    Logical thinking, presenting mathematical arguments and conclusions with accuracy and clarity,investigating, analysing and interpreting data, finding patterns and drawing conclusions, information technology, approaching problems with an analytical and rigorous techniques,
    advanced numeracy and analysing large quantities of data, designing and conducting observational and experimental studies, formulating theories and applying them to solve problems, dealing with abstract concepts.

    You also tend to achieve some key general abilities all employers expect and long for in their staffing requirements, these include:
    Excellent communication skills
    Ability to effectively manage time
    organisational skills and working methodically and accurately
    decision-making skills
    ability to cope under pressure and stress
    ability to work independently.

    Admission Requirements for the study of Mathematics in Nigeria

    Now that we've gone along for this long,
    the O'level subjects and their grades needed to study Mathematics are:

    Five O'level credits comprising including English Language,
    Mathematics and Physics, Biology and Chemistry. 

    In UTME/JAMB, English Language is Compulsory and three (3) other JAMB UTME subject combination
    needed to study Mathematics under the Sciences in the above. Economics or
    Geography may also be substituted in the case of any deformity for the above courses, 

    it is advisable to check your institutional requirements.

    Six months after graduating almost two-thirds of mathematics graduates
    are in employment level, entrepreneurship or furthering study.

    If you're eager to use your mathematical skills in your chosen career.

     A quarter of mathematics graduates are in the process to further study while many others are on the verge of attaining advanced degrees in this field. Keep studying, The sky is your starting edge so rise above hate.

    Share to be proud and make others confident about mathenatics. Drop comments below to keep the page live.

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