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    Career prospects of Public Health in Nigeria

    Introduction Public health with regards to the Nigerian setting someone will argue is a new course, yes to some extent as the bachelor's and master's degree is new to our universities and students.
     To a broader perspective, it has been here for ages under other disciplines. Public Health as a course i can say is the most unique of all courses you can study at the University because no matter what you studied, you can switch to public health line as you wish regardless of sciences or non science. 

     At one level, public health deals with the medical intervention rendered within a certain community and out of the hospital setting . In a different context, this can incur a global repercussions as neans of efforts towards the prevention of epidemics or to improve the health of entire nations population. 

    There are several international bodies with Public Health scope such include: Center for Disease Control And Prevention (CDC) World Health Organization Federal Ministry of Health in Nigeria State owned Ministries of Health in Nigeria Humanitarian Organisations Other Non governmental or non profit organisations in Nigeria etc.

     Public health is a popular health career that permits professionals to work with different sets of people or colleagues from various fields and specialization in order to attain a specific purpose. 

    The field is becoming a big fish (call it a whale among tilapias) in the career ocean and lots of people are beginning to move towards that direction.

     According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), public health is so difficult that it requires the coordination and where possible the integration of multiple organizations. Duties of Such organisations includes:

     1. Evaluate, diagnose and investigate health status ir problems to figure and tackle community health problems. 

     2. Research for new insights and innovative solutions to tackle conditional health problems or ailments. 

    3. Ensure the competence of both public and personal health care workers. 

     4. Strategic guidance to Inform, educate, and empower the population about health issues.

     5. Community mobilisation partnerships to identify and solve health associated problems. Policy development and planning to support personal and community based health efforts.

     6. Connect individuals who need quality personal health services and ensure the provision of health care where it is inadequate or unavailable. 

    7. Law enforcement and regulations to ensure public health safety.

     8. Evaluate accessibility, effectiveness, and quality of public based health services. With the above results, there are incredibly limitless number of occupations hosted under the umbrella of public health. 

     How to Become a Public Health Professional in Nigeria 

     As an aspirant, there are some basic and bold steps you need to track in order to be certified Public Health Pro. 

     Steps in becoming a public health professional.
    Obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Health or other Related Discipline: Here, you have to obtain bachelor’s degree certificate in Public health or other related fields. 

     Most tertiary institutions in Nigeria don’t offer public health at bachelor’s degree level although these phenomenon has been to the positive as universities are beginning to open slots for public health respectively. 

     You can settle for health and life science courses such as biological, or medical science courses in your undergraduate years. Courses like Physiology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, pharmacology, Pharmacy, Chemistry and other various courses are acceptable in most cases.

     Obtain Master’s Degree in Public Health: 
    For those in the above class, you need to obtain a master’s degree in Public health.

     Even while you have acquired a bachelor’s or first degree in the public health discipline, you need to delve towards acquiring a master’s degree in this field as it gives you a hand on to the edge of success by getting you to specialize in an area of the field.

     Academic Requirements to Study Public Health In Nigeria 

     This is same as medical and science courses i.e 5 O'level credit scores while 4 Subjects English being compulsory, Physics, chemistry and biology as JAMB or UTME choices at undergraduate level.


    While the public health profession is seen as one of the top most paying careers in terms of money worldwide, it is true at this instance in Nigeria also, the course is also regarded among the most successful with minimum hassles in terms of prospects job availability.
     The profession also goes wide and virally in virtue across a range of activities and spheres in with a focus on the evaluation and regulation of public health.

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