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    Google Keep - Notes and Lists: For taking notes

    About Google Keep Notes:
    Google Keep Notes is an app for taking notes. IThe app is  connected to the Google Drive. Unlike most of Google Drive apps, Google Keep Notes has its personal experience. As you do not have access to your notes from the Google Drive app like you have with Google Documents, Spreadsheet and Slides. Aside the mobile version for both Android and iOS devices there comes the web version also and a Google Chrome pluggin or extension.

    The app was featured with a basic User Interface, with splendid and spectacular customization options with compatibility to the Google’s Wear Operating system. It will be interesting to know that this app is completely free with no premium versions or purchases within the app.

    How to use Google Keep Notes:

    You can create basically five or more types of notes using the Google Keep Notes. Such as
    a list note,
    a text note,
    a handwritten note,
    a voice note, and
    a picture note while using your camera.

    To gain access to the Google Keep notes website or web browser version goto keep.google.com and take notes as you would, using the mobile app. The web version comprises the image notes, lists, regular text notes, and hand drawn notes using your mouse. You could use your stylus or finger also when your computer supports it.
    Lastly, Google Keep Notes has native support for the Google Assistant. You may demand Google Assistant to take a note  and make it appear in your Google Keep. Using this feature you can make a shopping list note in Google Keep Notes and ask Google Assistant to add items into your shopping list and which will fill the note with those items you wrote from your Google keep notes.
    You can store different things as notes to the Google Keep to store these could be browsing links in Google Chrome, images etc. You justbselect Google Keep from any app share menu and that will create a note!
    Reference: www.androidauthority.com

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